Hi. Thanks for checking out my web site. Let me tell you about my writing.

Two years ago I left the working world to devote myself full-time to fiction. So far, for good or for ill, I’ve avoided cookie-cutter genres. Every book I’ve written has been about something I feel deeply about. Life’s too short to write someone else’s book. As a result, my stories have ranged far and wide, portraying:

  • A mediocre college athlete during violent 1970s campus protests who is about to graduate.
  • A vain and naïve eighteen-year-old Greek scribe seeking glory on the battlefield, caught up in the collapse of Bronze Age civilization in 1191 B.C.
  • Aristophanes, the Greek comic dramatist in Classical Athens, as he butts heads with the demagogue Cleon (who bears a surprising similarity to a certain 21st century demagogue).
  • A modern-day neurochemist seeking to solve the mystery of human consciousness while winning the man of her dreams—who’s from the wrong side of the tracks, the philosophy department.

I'd describe my aesthetic as follows:

  • Good fiction moves the reader emotionally.
  • To move the reader emotionally, characters are if anything even more important than plot.
  • Good fiction is truth, not artifice. I don’t believe in romanticizing existence. My characters inhabit the world we really live in.
  • Good fiction speaks with a narrative voice custom-made for that specific story.

I hope you want to read, represent, or publish this kind of fiction.

I live in the Midwest and have a wonderful daughter, Emma, who’s the light of my life.